About Us

What is SeaDek?

SeaDek non-skid, closed cell PE/EVA products offer safe and  comfortable alternatives to molded in non-skid, paint-on textures and  other marine traction products currently available.  SeaDek is a UV  protected non-absorbent foam, featuring an innovative, textured  micro-dot surface for enhanced non-slip characteristics.

Easy to clean and stain resistant, SeaDek also  provides protection for boat surfaces, especially in high traffic areas. Other benefits that SeaDek offers include:

  • Exceptional traction even when wet 
  • Unparalleled comfort when standing, walking or leaning on boat surfaces
  • Shock absorption, which decreases fatigue 
  • Protection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips and dents
  • Noise reduction characteristics – ideal for fishermen

SeaDek can be tailored to fit a wide variety of application on just  about any type of boat, including:  sports & commercial fishing  boats, flats boats, sailboats, ski boats, commercial marine craft, house  boats, personal water craft, towboats and more. If you have a boat, you  have a place for SeaDek. Additional applications for SeaDek include:  

  • Swim platforms and cockpit pads
  • Step kits
  • Helm station pads
  • Poling platforms
  • Coaming bolsters/pads
  • Footwells
  • Gunnels 
  • Trailers

SeaDek is available in a variety of  sizes, thicknesses and colors. SeaDek replaces the need for molded  non-skid, helping OEMs save time and money in their manufacturing  processes.  SeaDek's capabilities include:  

  • CAD/CAM for precision manufacturing requirements
  • Customized bevels, contours, logos or designs
  • Multi-color laminations