What is Seadek?

  • SeaDek is a superior alternative to marine carpet and  traditional molded-in non-skid.  Designed to withstand the harsh  conditions of the marine environment, SeaDek is made from UV-resistant  closed-cell PE/EVA foam that will not absorb water, and provides  exceptional traction when wet or dry. SeaDek’s shock absorbing qualities  deliver maximum comfort on the water, and fishermen appreciate its  sound-dampening properties.  SeaDek is fully customizable, and brings an  aesthetically pleasing style to boats of all sizes.      

  Will the product stain?  

  • SeaDek is extremely stain resistant, however a few  substances, such as fuel stabilizers, bird droppings, rust, and mustard  can be problematic if not attended to in a timely manner.  Prompt  attention to these types of spills will ensure easy removal.             

Does SeaDek get hot?  

  • As with any flooring products, darker colors will  naturally become warmer in the sun.  With that being said, SeaDek will  not become too hot to stand on, and dispels heat very quickly thanks to  its closed-cell structure.         

What is the best method to clean SeaDek?   

  •   SeaDek cleans easily with soap, hot water, and a stiff  brush. For stubborn areas, a number of household products can be used.  Do not use acid-based cleaners such as MaryKate's Hull Cleaner 

What is the warranty?         

  • SeaDek products are warranted to be free from any defects  at the time of purchase. The PE/EVA blended material has a 3 year  material and workmanship warranty. The PSA cannot be warranted due to  many outside issues that may be present during installation. Full  warranty details are available for download here:  Warranty Information

   Can you do custom logos?   

  • Yes, we can cut logos and text if supplied with a vector  graphic of the logo, or given desired text style.  Please note that  written approval will be needed to produce any copyrighted logos.      

 Is Seadek pet friendly (dogs)?  

Many people use SeaDek to keep pets firmly planted on the  boat, however SeaDek is made from PE/EVA blended foam materials, so if  scratched or clawed at enough, the product will tear or rip. With this  being said, SeaDek’s closed-cell material will not absorb water if  punctured. SeaDek is not warranted against pet damage.